DCFTA Local Advisory Council of Kvemo Kartli Region Took Place in Rustavi

on 30 May : 11:43

On May 29, Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) facilitated the Local Advisory Council (LAC) in Rustavi, to discuss the challenges of economic development and DCFTA implementation in Kvemo Kartli region. The newly established Council is comprised of 25 members: 6 civil society organizations, 5 SMEs and 14 public officials, including local Mayors’ offices and Sakrebulos of different municipalities, as well as the representatives of the Information-Consultation Centers (ICCs) operating under the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia.   
The first LAC meeting was organized in three sessions. During the first session, LAC members identified four sub-economic sectors for Kvemo Kartli region which have the export potential to the EU single market, i.e.: bee-keeping, wine-making, fruit growing and market gardening.  Within the second session, LAC participants listed the major problems that Kvemo Kartli SMEs are facing in the four sub-sectors, in terms of DCFTA implementation. Among key challenges influencing SME activities in the region the LAC participants mentioned the lack of necessary infrastructure, especially concerning the irrigation system, the lack of qualified workforce, as well as problems related to comprehensive soil diagnosis and testing. The final session featured a discussion about the recommendations and possible measures to address the problems existing within identified economic sub-sectors. At the end of the meeting, LAC participants nominated 2 delegates (one civil society actor and one local entrepreneur) to represent the region at the Central Advisory Council meeting, which will be held in Tbilisi on 12 of June.